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    Hiwith ! Winter has occur and we have ready items to suit your needs: 4 three hundred$ - prize fund! 800$ - first spot! Event on volume of points(?) Online games: Roulette and Reside Supplier Participating in tournament: guess from 0.01$ Here is the things they say about us and a few assessments: [youtube - cV3a_63cHVg[/youtube - grand casino coushatta Tournament on bets amount Online games: Slot and Keno Participating in Event: guess from 0.01$ Conditions and procedures of tournament: - The participant gets routinely into desk, creating any bet in tournament video games. - A table displays: position while in the Event, login of every participant and number of details. - If two or even more members have the exact same amount of points, the upper situation will take who acquired them initially. - one place is deducted in Each and every wager from player's overall details regardless of end result. - The column «Prize» has two formats : the initial for all gamers, the next for VIP gamers. - bon - Prize is accrued in bonuses but with wager coefficient х35 (for Vip player is - х30). Most effective regards,
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